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this is not one of those "this is my last post" entries...

I just realized that I've had my livejournal for almost 2 years. When am I going to end it?
I kind of want to do it before the site ends. So I can have some kind of "closure" to it all. I've gone through a lot while having this journal.
I started it when I was happy, and rarely updated with more than silly entries about stupid shit like bad music and shit.
Then I over-used it with pathetic whining (which is oddly when most of you added me to your friends lists).
Then I've gone on and off between whining, posting online tests, lyrics by bands I like and silly posts about nothing at all.
I'm not going to end it soon, but I'd rather end it knowing I was going to end it than finding out it was already erased because the site itself was no longer up and available.

After all, I've put a lot of thought and feelings into this that I'll never be able to read again when the site does expire. But a lot of it was drunken rambling I'd rather forget that I ever said, so I guess it works both ways.
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