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Last night started as odd, then uncomfortable. Both of last week's girls were there. The one I "knew" the least said "hi Jesse!" when I walked in. They were both with new boys. The one I went home with probably never saw me.

Amanda was there with some friends, but I only said "later" to her as she left.

After Kerry left I sat at a table with John, Melissa and "the others" for awhile, and made the bitch guy Kerry and I both hate buy me a beer. They left when I was halfway through it. The bartender Phil came to get all the empty glasses and was like "all your friends left, huh?" and I was like "yeah" and he said "that sucks". It kind of did.

I was semi-drunk and wrote a bunch of depressing crap on a napkin, saying I was going to post it here, but I'm not.

I got home to find the door locked, and was forced to sleep in my car. My old car. My tiny car that doesn't run. Not my huge comfortable station wagon with blankets in it. I'm still shaking from cold.
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