crushkilldestroy (redelephant) wrote,

xxwhendovescryxx: Kyle from Rainer Maria told me to "fuck off" last night
xxwhendovescryxx: hahaha
letmexstabyou: i want to talk to Kyle.
xxwhendovescryxx: haha
xxwhendovescryxx: well
xxwhendovescryxx: what happened was
xxwhendovescryxx: he played this song
xxwhendovescryxx: and he was like "this is a very emotional song for me, I don't want to talk about what it's about"
xxwhendovescryxx: and I yelled "what is this song about?"
letmexstabyou: asshole.
xxwhendovescryxx: and he was like "fuck you!"
letmexstabyou: you are the asshole of the crowd.
xxwhendovescryxx: and then after the song he was like "You know I was kidding, right?"
xxwhendovescryxx: and then after the show he came down and hugged me and mentioned how I looked familiar, he's a nice guy. but he's still a pussy
letmexstabyou: asshole.
letmexstabyou: jesse.
xxwhendovescryxx: Pussy > Ass
letmexstabyou: when your name comes to mind i automatically think of assfucking
xxwhendovescryxx: pussy feels WAAAAAAAAY better
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