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don't ever turn your back on a dirty rat...He'll sell you out, man I can vouch for that...

I had an abnormally odd dream, even for myself...
It all started with me going to the last Portland Discount show, which I missed like 2 years ago. But in the dream I tried out to be the new singer for Discount, and in the dream my voice was way better than it really is. I sang "Math Won't Miss You", and made it "into the top three".

I then went to see Blink 182 with two people I haven't seen since highschool AT my highschool gym. I then skated home for a bottle of water because it was too expensive at the show. I then went to some weird bathroom that never existed in my school besides in my dream, and there was this fireman in it that demanded to piss in a urinal, but the bathroom only had toilets. I then pointed at a crawlspace above the bathroom.

He told me to open it, which I did. And while I was doing so he said some sexist comment about women, and when I opened it I saw a bunch of huge spiders, and I screamed like a girl (I wish I could replicate this scream on livejournal). And he grabbed the spiders and put them on his face and said "spiders are man's best friend" and I said "I'd rather like girls than spiders, man!". Then I woke up.

I need to stop drinking malt liquor.
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