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The computer's blue glare, the bombs burst through the air, where there was a city once now nothing's there...

At first, right after September 11th, I admit I felt the same as most people in America. That is to say I felt outraged, which I still admit I do...But I also felt a sudden surge of patriosm through my blue blooded American heart. That wasn't long lasting.

I don't see how a opera rendition of the star spangled banner on the six month anniversery is going to help ease anyone's pain.

Maybe instead of flooding the country with bullshit patriotism and paper American flags handed out in every newspaper for people to proudly display in the back windows of their SUV's, maybe we should use this "six month anniversery" to rethink our foreign policy to try and ensure this never happens again.

Or maybe I should just go and buy some beer.
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