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Oh what a glorious day...

the employment department tries to help people get jobs, well, here's an idea...I was just on hold for an hour and a half (literally) about a job offer they sent me, only to find out it'd already been taken....How aout they hire more fucking people to answer their fucking phones?

I just got a call from Qwest, saying that I owe them $71, for which at first I was very confused. I thought maybe "you know who" had a personal vendetta and never paid the last phone bill (I let them keep it in my name even after I moved out). But then they said "when you were living on blah blah blah Naito Parkway". I was thinking "Uh, I lived on ROSE Parkway". Then I remembered I allowed my sister to put her bill in my name, because she owed Qwest so much money. I'm a sucker.

Plus! One of my best friends, whose name I won't mention because 75% of you livejournal people who I have met know of this person, may be going to prison for up to 5 years.

And I don't even have enough cash to drink away my sorrows.
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