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I had this dream that I was at the beach with the members of Kids in the Hall, and I was one of them, and Dave Foley kept getting all the girls (I don't think Scott Thompson was complaining). Except the motel we were at was in the Clackamas Promenade. And I went out looking for beer, but there weren't any stores. There was just a bar close by (which is actually true) but I wanted to save up some cash for the trip I'm taking this weekend so I was like "fuuuuuuuck that" so I went and partied with this group of random teenagers, who probably didn't recognize me. I then went back to my room and went to sleep, I looked at the clock and was like "whoa, snap! It's 12 o'clock, check out is at 11!" so then the other guys came back and were like "we found this dope assed party, man!" (Yes the Kids in the Hall talked like this in my dream) and I was all "WE GOTTA PACK!" And then I realized right as they were leaving that it was 12 MIDNIGHT. So I tried to chase them down, but to no avail. And then my friend Sarah drove by, and then I tried to flag her down, then she rode by on a bike, and I was like "let's get back in your car and go to this party" and she was like "I traded it for a bike". And so I went back to my motel room and went to sleep.

Sadly, I didn't do any cross-dressing in the dream. Maybe next time.
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