crushkilldestroy (redelephant) wrote,

xxwhendovescryxx: I just fucked with this kid
xxwhendovescryxx: at the bus stop
xxwhendovescryxx: he asked for a smoke
xxwhendovescryxx: and I gave him one
letmexstabyou: and?
xxwhendovescryxx: and I was like "lemme see your ID, I'm like 7-11, fucker"
xxwhendovescryxx: and he was under 18
letmexstabyou: jesse you are fucked up.
letmexstabyou: haha
xxwhendovescryxx: and he went to light it
letmexstabyou: you fucked with a little kid!
xxwhendovescryxx: and I grabbed it out of his mouth
xxwhendovescryxx: and I was like "want to send me to jail you little shit?"
letmexstabyou: hahahah
letmexstabyou: i would have kicked you in the groin.
xxwhendovescryxx: hahahaha
xxwhendovescryxx: He was less than half my size
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