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it's so good to be here in Paris...

I'm way too open with my feelings, my new motto: "Shut up, Jesse!"

As emotional and a dumbass as I may sound on livejournal, I'm basically an asshole.

Let down after let down after let down, just to be let down. Well, guess what, I'm happy!

I don't know why, as sad as my life may be, I like it.

Smile for the camera, because you should all smile anyway, even Lyle Casas.

Otherwise, tonight has been enjoyable, and I look forward to everything coming up in my life, a brotha needs to get a job goin', though. If I had one of those I'd be so insanely happy I'd probably implode. Don't ask why, because I can't explain, I want to be emo and sad, but I'm not.

My life is full of disappointment and depression and sadness and strife, and it's all-good!

I am so happy I am going to sleep soundly tonight.

Yikes, That is a scary thought. A good night's sleep? I'm not so sure my body could handle it.
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