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We're gonna die young

I really like this song, some of the lyrics are really good...and I shall quote each line I like and tell why I like it.

"I'd live fast if it were fun. Am I old enough to die young?"

That's also depressing, but a good point. I feel old and young at the same time. Or perhaps what I should say is I feel like a naive adult...

"I'm not bluffing about how I don't wanna live to be 34. But when I'm 40, I'll sing it once more."

I've felt suicidal before, but never really considered going through with it, I would love to die as a happy old man sitting with his raggedy old senile wife sitting in rocking chairs on the front porch talking about how we can't wait for our next visit from the heavenly "pill lady".

"The Brittle Boned boys march again. We'll validate with cheap slogans and reminisce about being dumb kids."

When I turn into a senile old man, I will still be sitting on porches drinking 40's and remembering the good old days. I promise you that.

"Hey this is not the way I wanted things to be. This is not my blueprint, just plan Z. To be naive to recessitate. And dig a foot a week to get out of your grave. Mouth to mouth, to taste behind. Pay no mind to bankrupt minds. Ignore the stale noose around your neck. I've got more respect for ripe slit wrists."

No explanation needed.

"Pretentious gen x is all I see from you. Kill what's dead, find something new."

'Nuff said

And also I've gotten drunk and high with these guys.
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