crushkilldestroy (redelephant) wrote,

  • Music:
If we both stand with absent eyes
and think about the oceans, watch them dry
We can see far to the other side
It's you and i forever, we don't have to hide
If we ignore the signals that mission control will send
It's one big ship ride anyway, this hell will never end
We gaze out on what they left of the stars
All we see now we can take as ours
You two've got just moments left to give
Come back now and we will let you live
Stay inside our blue protective eye
We won't let them take you, we won't let you die
My baby spins propellants, my systems set to blow
She sent the milky way now, exploding into snow
and she's constructed flashpoints to cover up the sun
I sleep under glass, i know that she will wake me when she's done
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