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I'ma sucka for corn rows and manicured toes

Arrived home at a decent hour last night, locked out as suspected...

Tried to sleep in the car for an hour, didn't work...

So I ran over to Rite Aid and got a half rack of the Beast Ice.

Sat trying to gulp down that horrible horrible nectar that tastes like it came straight from the morning dew collected from the anus of Satan.

At about 3am I came to the realization that I was probably the only one sin the multi-megala-gon of fucked up shit I seem to have gotten myself into sleeping alone, let alone sleeping in my car. But, I got to wake up to...NELLY!

So some of you may have gotten to say "I'm waitin' for the right time to shoot my steez " last night, but Nelly is like my "street sweeper, baby. cocked loaded and ready to let go" to shoot pow bang bang shoot away every care I have in the world.
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