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I was outside of this store that I heard was hiring, and this big guy's out there asking for donations to battered women's shelters. Hey, that's a great as of a cause as any, but I'm going in this store to apply...THIS 99 CENT STORE to apply for a job. I obviously have no money. I'm not saying I can't afford It...I LITERALLY DON'T HAVE A DOLLAR. I have some beercans at home...I should bring them back to him.

He basically was one step away from calling me a wifebeater.

I wasn't really going into the store to get an application, though. I was actually going in there because of the hot girl that I saw working there ONCE and never saw again, and I'm trying to figure out if I'm just losing my mind.

I did notice they were hiring, and did apply, though.
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