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I had a dream LL Cool J hosted some rap festival that started at the Crystal, then went to my bedroom, was supposed to go to some place on 82nd, then I woke up.

I assure you I meant the SHOW went to my bedroom, not just Ladies Love Cool James and I. It's just about 80% of my dreams take place in the room I sleep in for some reason.

Oh yeah, and the rap fest was like, Lil' Romeo and Master P. Which was a little odd. And they were going to cover the Humpty Dance.

But they were going to do that after the show left my bedroom, I swear to God.

Please don't try to find any hidden meaning to this dream.

And on a side note, I got an email with the subject like that said "STOP THE AGING PROCESS, NOW!"

I guess Blink 182 were right, nobody likes you when you're 23 :(
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