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this is going to be annoying but it was requested!

[hasancan] what is latest news of Blink 182
[murdrbike] they all died in a car crash
[hasancan] hey
[hasancan] what are u talking about
[murdrbike] I heard it on MTV this morning
[hasancan] hey my man
[murdrbike] Travis and Mark died, Tom is in critical condition
[hasancan] DAMN!!
[hasancan] is it a joke?
[murdrbike] I know, I am really sad about it, too.
[hasancan] don't try me
[murdrbike] no
[murdrbike] Turn on MTV
[murdrbike] the news has been on every half hour or so
[hasancan] ok
[hasancan] i'll watch it
[murdrbike] I guess Travis was dead when they got there
[hasancan] :(
[murdrbike] and Mark died of internal bleeding at the hospital
[murdrbike] they were drunk driving
[hasancan] damn
[hasancan] where can i find in net
[hasancan] these news
[murdrbike] it just happened a couple of hours ago, probably not on the web yet
[murdrbike] you can check, I'm not sure. I've got my eyes glued to MTV to see if at least Tom made it.
[murdrbike] At least maybe he could start up Box Car Racer with a new drummer...
[hasancan] :(((((((((((
[hasancan] sucks man
[hasancan] sucks man
[hasancan] i cant find in
[murdrbike] Yeah, I'm all torn up inside.
[hasancan] sorry but
[hasancan] i think you are lying
[murdrbike] Maybe MTV is joking
[murdrbike] but it didn't sound like it
[murdrbike] MTV only updates their page once a day, man.
[hasancan] if this true
[hasancan] it will be on
[hasancan] but it doesnt
[murdrbike] Jesus Christ
[murdrbike] They don't update their page every 30 seconds
[hasancan] what_
[murdrbike] they need at least an hour to write the fucking article, you mongoloid.
[hasancan] please be nice
[hasancan] man i'm sorry
[hasancan] i didnt see that
[hasancan] UPDATED 10.29.2002 9:21 AM EST
[hasancan] sorry again
[murdrbike] yeah
[murdrbike] Eastern time
[murdrbike] that's 4 hours ago where I am
[murdrbike] and as I SAID
[hasancan] man i'm really sad
[hasancan] please it will be a joke
[murdrbike] I hope so
[hasancan] :(((
[murdrbike] I fucking LOVE Blink 182
[hasancan] me too
[hasancan] i live in turkey
[hasancan] I live in turkey
[hasancan] I came u.s.a
[hasancan] for blink concert
[hasancan] my favourite group is blink man
[hasancan] tom was my idol
[hasancan] :(((((((((((((
[murdrbike] well, he might make it last I heard
[hasancan] :(
[murdrbike] he's still alive last time they said anything
[hasancan] I want blink backkkkkkk
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