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It's much more funny when you realize someone was giving me information about him

crushdestroyer: Did you lose it in the war? Car crash? Extreme surgery gone horribly awry?
I spleenless I: bmx
crushdestroyer: I must know. Because I don't have a kidney, and I am fascinated by people losing vital organs.
I spleenless I: bad ass. you can have mine when i die
I spleenless I: in exchange for your tonsils and apendix
I spleenless I: i cant spell either
crushdestroyer: But I had mine removed so I could tack it to the wall and use it as a decoration. It's a fucking great conversation piece when I have guests over.
I spleenless I: i can imagine
I spleenless I: so who is this?
crushdestroyer: I only one kidney I
I spleenless I: k.....
crushdestroyer: Friend to some, submissive homosexual love slave to all.
I spleenless I: ok
I spleenless I: whered you get my screen name?
crushdestroyer: this guy in Midtown gave it to me.
I spleenless I: no he didnt
crushdestroyer: actually, I got it from your hairdresser.
I spleenless I: you mean... my dad?
crushdestroyer: yeah, he said I should have a man-on-man conversation with you.
I spleenless I: how odd
crushdestroyer: He's concerned.
crushdestroyer: And I'm good with these type of things.
crushdestroyer: So if there's anything bothering you, let it out. Let me be your shoulder to cry on.
I spleenless I: dont care
crushdestroyer: But he does. He cares about you a lot.
I spleenless I: what the fuck
I spleenless I: who is this?
crushdestroyer: his love for you can only be matched by his love for a nice head of hair maintained by only the finest hair care products.
I spleenless I: if this is anyone but kelly im going to be pissed
I spleenless I: and im sure its not kelly
crushdestroyer: We're not talking about Kelly, we're talking about you.
I spleenless I: and if its a sausage and my dad is giving my contact info to sausages... im going to be more pissed
crushdestroyer: Your dad will still love you no matter what lifestyle choices you make, and he wanted me to tell you that.
I spleenless I: god this is fucking weak
crushdestroyer: Whatever meat product you choose, you're still his son. Sausage or clam, he will always love you.
I spleenless I: whatever renob. peace
crushdestroyer: So, do you want to have a man-to-man touch party?
I spleenless I: I cant believe people still think gay jokes are funny. i bet you watch pro wrestling
crushdestroyer: Gay jokes? Like calling people a "sausage"? I'm not joking, I'm dead serious.
crushdestroyer: Boom. I win.

*I blocked him*
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