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I would be the first man to take a male birth control pill...

crushdestroyer: I love commercials about women's birth control
crushdestroyer: especially the side effects
PopZeus03: the patch one is horrible
crushdestroyer: "any woman who walks may in fact die...or almost die...common side effects are sudden death and or near death. women who have labia may experience chronic stomach pains which may or may not lead to death. consult your doctor if you are a woman"
PopZeus03: haha
PopZeus03: where is that from
crushdestroyer: haha
PopZeus03: or is that a jesse freestyle
crushdestroyer: that is some freestyle.
crushdestroyer: but it's not far off from what they say
crushdestroyer: "do not attatch this to your stomach if you are a woman who has a clitoris. For best results, cut out your ovaries"
PopZeus03: hahahaha
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