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I'm tellin' you for one last time, It's not just you, the problem's mine to hide

Uh, last night and today have reminded me how my uh "relationship" with Mandy for the past 6 years has been the strangest thing ever. And I may pick her up next weekend and bring her to Portland.

Which totally fucks with our schedule. I normally just see her once a year and sleep with her or make out with her.

I think last night and today our relationship "evolved". Telling people you love them while on drugs is odd. Not that it'd ever work out. Considering the 105 mile difference. Plus uh, she's become a little more, uh..."experienced" since I was the first guy she ever kissed back when we were in highschool. Well, not in highschool "together".

But you get the point.
Also, the first thing she said to me is "are you gay now?"
It was nice seeing Chad again.

I'm almost starting to like Eugene. Mandy was trying to get me to move there, but then I recalled I only have like 2 friends there...and a Lyle.
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