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Normally this would either terrify me, excite me, or confuse me. But I don't give a shit, really. Not the girl at my work who asked me to the movies, but the girl at work who told me her friend liked me, asked me for my number for her friend. I figured "whatever, I think they know I have a girlfriend."

Today as I was sitting in my car eating my pizza, the girl (not the one who works there) drives by in her car passing through several other parked cars in the parking lot, looks all shy and starys giggling and speeds off. Her friend wasn't working that day, obviously she was checking to see if I was working or not. And later a mysterious female apparently called me. And the creepy part is, the last name on the caller ID is the last name of someone who I went to highschool with. It's probably that guy's little sister. And it's now obvious who glued that grass skirt to my door handle while I was at work.

I guess it's...cute.
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