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And this is why I to on??

I am confused as to why I am happy. I don't know if it's really a valid sense of joy, or I'm just in denial. But this feels good. I am still in love, but I'm ready to move on. I have nothing in particular to move on to, but if the situation would present itself, I'd take it.

I love myself for the first time in years. I should stop being sad and give a big "fuck you" to everyone that has hurt me. Even if I am still in love.

Fuck you all for being happy and comprosing my own joy for your own hedonistic stupidity. I wish everyone was as intelligent as I am. I'm wise beyond my years.

I think I could give some great advice to the people who were recently the main players in the destruction of my livelyhood. So, if you consider yourself one of these people, and you know who you are, and want to me I love you all.

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