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Push the little babies down the spiral stairs...

crushdestroyer: pissing is like "everyone turn their heads"
crushdestroyer: shitting is like "I'm going to go walk 400 yards away now"
theereverendg: hahahh
crushdestroyer: shit when I get home from bars with girls I just whip it out and piss in front of them
theereverendg: yeah
crushdestroyer: if I have to shit, I turn on the heat fan, the fan, and run some water
theereverendg: yeah, for some reason i definitely don't want anyone hearing my shit.
theereverendg: when, if you think about it, fuck them. make their bitch asses listen to my ASS.
crushdestroyer: like a year ago I was on a first date and we left the bar, and I just whipped it out and said "turn your head". I don't know if we'd even made out yet
crushdestroyer: on some romantic walk along the waterfront. I probably held her hand directly afterwards.

theereverendg: i could never yank my chain on drugs
theereverendg: not hallucinogens anyway
theereverendg: i did on mushrooms once in the shower and i almost died
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