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Last time I use this word EVER!

If I ever use the word "cuddle" again, feel free to open fire on me with a barrage of megablasts.

Even if I did have a dream that involved cuddling with a kitten.

I completely neglected to mention that I crossed my fingers and prayed to Jebus I would make it to a gas station in time last night when I noticed I had a flat tire at work. I didn't want to deal with changing the tire, and for all I know my spare is flat too.

I had really happy dreams last night, the fuck is up with that? Normally I have dreams about finding missing socks.

I got a notice of cancelation on my insurance about a week ago, because I have been too busy busing up Mandy and spending cash on Eugene trips...

I called and told them I was in Ireland, and I SWORE I sent the check

and they were all "ok, we didn't receive it! you're uncanceled!"

My fake life is so much more interesting than my real life.

And on a side note, my Milwaukie Youth Basketball team was named "the Slammers". And in our team photo we all look really gay. Especially me. You put two and two together.
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