crushkilldestroy (redelephant) wrote,

Jesse's lesson in biology as it relates to humans vs. animals...

The benefit of being a human versus being an animal is free-will. No one can debate that.
But the curse of having free will is feeling pain and pity. And with pity comes self pity, and with self pity comes shame.

Other animals are blessed with the fact that all their passion feels the same. And with being human, and having your own free-will, you can begin to develop a God-awful feeling we call love.

Lust versus love. It's an age old debate. Do I love this person? Or do I lust after the thought of being with this person?

Why are humans blessed with being able to think for themselves, and why does this curse also involve all these negative feelings that come with it?

Am I blessed for being chosen to be a human? Or am I cursed because I've known the pain that comes with being human?

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