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I think hanging out with someone I refer to as my stalker is a bad idea.

She tried to hold my hand while we watched TV, I jerked my hand away. I hugged her goodbye and she still seemed confused as to why we didn't kiss.

Then today she tapes a note saying "cellar door" to my car, with a picture of her making a kissy face. I'm not 100% sure it was her, but close enough.

She's nice, she's cute, she's funny, she's smart, she's 17. I explained to her why I could never see her, yet I like her enough as a friend to continue hanging out with her.

Then there's Mandy. She's nice, cute and occasionally funny. But I cannot deal with someone as fucked up as she is. Especially when she mixes pills and booze, drinks more than I do, and expresses concern for how often I drink. Maybe I do even drink more often, but I don't drink myself into oblivion every time I drink, and I don't black out. Nor do I flash strangers for drinks.

Why can't someone normal AS WELL as my own age express interest in me?

In other news, I love vodka.
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