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Today at work was not typical of my usual daily activities. To begin with, they had me work in electronics. Early in the morning a young hispanic male asked if we had "the Tuxedo" on DVD. I showed him where he could find it. A few seconds later I hear a "thud". I walked back to see what was going on and found that the gentleman was attempting to open the emergency doors, little did he know you have to hold the handle down for 15 seconds before it'll open and it sets off an alarm.. He then threw the DVD's and ran out the main entrance. He had to have had something on him, because he set off the security alarm. He ran outside and hopped into a van and they sped off.

Later in the day, a woman came and tried to buy $55 worth of merchandise with a traveler's check for $100. I didn't have the change so I called the manager of the checkers, he noticed immediatly that it was fake. So he asked for her ID so he could go call and "varify" something. She refused. So he went back to make copes of the traveler's check. While we waited for him to return, the lady was all "he was rude!" and said she was going up to the customer service desk She never returned.

Fucking bitch, she has ME fricking caught up in this shit now. I had to talk t othe cops a lot today. I have to look at mug shots tomorrow, and what if there's a trial?

When I was bitching about it to Ed, the adorable little old goofy man that works there, he asked if I wanted a beer, because he had just bought a six pack
I declined. He then said "I'm going to drink one in my truck before I go home!"

That Ed, he knows how to cheer a guy up...

What also cheered me up is the ass of the Mobile Gateway girl. Everyone was right. She does have a nice ass.
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