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Baby, I've been fucked already...

Today I found out my dad isn't doing well medically. I knew he had been going to the doctor a lot, but I wasn't aware there was a chance it could be anything life threatening until today.

There was a scare it could've been cancer in his pancreas, which was ruled out. Which is good because his father died ot that. I think he didn't want to tell me until that was ruled out, because he kind of laid it all on me today. It was odd. Him and I are close, and I didn't even know about all of this until now. On the upside it's looking like it isn't anything that could kill him anymore. He goes in for a catscan in a week or so.

On another note, I can't really put into words my disgust with the impending doom set in motion in the middle east today. It makes me too sick to my stomach right now to even ho into detail.

I probably am unemployed again. Bad things always come in threes, I swear to God.

At least sometimes, not often, but sometimes, there's a good thing or two thrown in to balence things out.
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