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I'll try and I'll try and I'll try and I'll try and I'll try and I'll try

Yay for motherfuckers not hiring me.

I get to get fitted for a tux today. I look like a doof in a tux, I have a picture somewhere on this computer to prove it.

I'm tired as hell, I could easily lie down right now and read until I go to sleep. And go through my nightly routine I keep when I sleep at home. I come up with some ellaborate story until I get so tired I lose track of th details and I finally go to sleep for 30 minutes. I wake up, try and recall if the story in the dream is my real life or not, and try to remember what reality was the dream, and which is the reality I actually exist in. I need to remember how to drink until I pass out. It makes sleep less confusing.
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