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Tomorrow I'm going to cut my hair, and nix the goatee idea, as well.

I'm no Ben Affleck, I guess.

Unfortunately, I smoked P today. So I will have to wait a couple weeks for the job hunting, which sucks. I wouldn't have if I had known Explosions in the Sky were coming to Berbatis next month. I missed them on one of the two occasions I know that they've been here, and don't want to miss another show. I'll think of something.

I think going to shows will be my new outlet, and it's probably a lot more fun then getting wasted alone and then sending crazy emails and making drunken phonecalls.

And I might buy a four track and a cheap acoutstic guitar and get my bass and amp back from Abe, and write music when I get frustrated and record it. Being creative versus being I wish I knew where my 80's casio was...

I wonder if Safeway is hiring...God I love having no formal (or informal, really) education.
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