crushkilldestroy (redelephant) wrote,

when i was in highschool i took forrestry
and one time the teachers left
and they left their coffee cups in there
a few of us punk kids were ready to ambush them
we all took turns spitting chew in their coffee
we didn't even chew, really
they came back and we tried not to laugh as they finished their coffee
another time they made the mistake of telling us the chainsaw lube they used was called "motion lotion"
every day we'd be like "you two guys save any motion lotion for the chainsaws?" and laugh at our homophobic idiocy
i've always remember the worst thing i ever took part in, throwing sticks at birds
i've always felt bad for that just sticks though, only once did one get hit, and it wasn't by me

i honestly JUST remembered the worst thing i've ever been witness to, and i have no idea why it just came to me
one day we stumbled upon a bunny rabbit, this fat kid aaron accidently stepped on it
it was injured, badly
as a joke someone picked it up and threw it as far as he could, i can't remember how it transpired
i do remember i objected but not nearly enough
we found it still alive, in worse shape than ever
gasping three thousand breaths for every one
i thought about thinking how badly he must've been broken, the kid who threw him was a star outfielder for the baseball team
someone suggested playing baseball with it, by tossing it and hitting it with a tree limb
i do remember i said that was horrible
everyone did, really
someone decided to put it in a puddle
the guy who threw it
yet he didn't do it out of some sick twisted urge to hurt it
i noticed he was nearly in tears
he didn't want the poor thing to die
the most popular kid in the group had egged him on (rest assured i was never the popular kid in any group, it wasn't me)
and the teacher came over and had seen what he had done
cursed us all
and chopped it's head off
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