crushkilldestroy (redelephant) wrote,

so yeah, the bunny baseball story is true.

but! more exciting news, campers! this will be my second to last livejournal post! after i figure out how to download this pathetic history of my life since my late teens, i'm quiting the livejournal world. it's been a pathetic, disturbingly drunk 4 and a half years, but hey, it's gotta end sometime!

but there's good news on the horizon!

i will NOT be fully deleting my livejournal! i will be posting my password! and the only rules are don't change the password, let everyone have fun, and you have to pretend to be me! and be anonymous!

wait, third rule, no threatening anyone.

but as for mocking me until you make me cry, that's ok!

you can change the email address, whatever. post pictures of the goatsex man, it's fair game! coming soon to this livejournal...stay tuned!
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