crushkilldestroy (redelephant) wrote,

i'm rick james, bitch!

the fact that i keep expecting to see the programs i use at work on my computer screen is disturbing.

i also keep feeling the urge to smear crap on the walls of my OWN bathroom.

when you think you're at work, and think you're the fecal phantom, you really need more sleep.

but his latest cryptic message, written in pen, and not shit, reportedly ended with "some of you call me the mad shitter, but i am the fecal phantom, and i will help you".

insane fecalpheliac, or brilliant artist?

you decide.

and no, god damnit, it isn't me. his 'artist attacks' began long before i was hired.

and another oddity...when i had lunch with my sister today (me hanging out with her at all is odd enough) she said "you look like justin timberlake now with that facial hair".

uh, shoot me if i look like justin timberlake.
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