crushkilldestroy (redelephant) wrote,

there's something up with buttercups

So, I got these "escalation forms" back from my supervisor today. Ones I had turned in.

On the back of one it said "your parents are going to kill me :~(". Uh, yeah...

I really hope that wasn't from him to me.

In other news, my friend Darron from work fucked Long Duck Dong. That's the best story ever. Apparently, he wasn't so long. :(

The most humorous part is, I didn't realize the "subject" was "there's something up with buttcups" for a long time. Luckily, I noticed.

and also...when you're listening to a song that starts with "there's something up with buttercups" it's time to chew off your own scrotum.
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