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I'm sorry liver, i never meant to hurt you, i never meant to make you cry...

It actually took medical proof that I have drank so much in my life that my liver is fucked up before I'd believe it. I guess that explains why I have spent the past few months vomiting all the time and spending half my days curled up into the fetal position clutching my stomach in pain. It also explains as to why my tolerance had gone down so much. I should've had them test my BOC when they took the blood sample to test for liver damage.

They did say if I quit drinking it will heal to a something%. I should start paying attention.

I just wish I had known my last night of drinking was going to be my last night of drinking. They also tested to see if I had hepititus, which I apparently don't. So the doctor can feel free to not bring a sacked lunch to work the next time I bring in a stool sample I guess?

Do they even DO stool samples anymore? I don't think I've had to shit and bring it to the doctor since gradeschool.

In my glistening sobriety, I am now able to ponder life's greatest and most important questions.

Liquor, you've been like a beautiful woman with herpes. You may have left me with a health condition, but at least you left me something so I'll never forget you.

God my stomach hurts.
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