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I had no idea that anabuse turned alcohol to formadahyde. And also I can't use skin products with alcohol in them, or mouthwash, anything. Scary. Now I'm afraid to start taking it, but I haven't taken it yet.

Not until monday or friday. I have to wait five days from my last drink, which was monday. But I might wait two extra days so I don't become violently ill. Oddly, coffee kind of takes away the shaking and cold sweating of alcohol withdrawls. for the first two days. I won't sleep, but I wouldn't anyway.

I always have like 30 minute dreams about this house that doesn't exist, and kind of looks like that MC Escher painting with the stairways that lead all over the place. EVERY night I don't drink I dream of this place. And there's tons of people around. And often I am naked wearing nothing but the blanket I'm sleeping under. And when I wake up I think I'm actually at this place. I hope this eventually stops.
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