crushkilldestroy (redelephant) wrote,

So, Awesomefest was terrible. But it had it's upsides. I saw Kissing Tigers, who rocked as I expected. I'd only heard a few songs beforehand, but they were rad.

And then there was Seattle-based Fall of Troy...I can't even begin to describe how good that band is. They make me want to move to Seattle right now. They changed my idea of how good music really can be. Check 'em the fuck out. Kissing Tigers, too.

Bad side? Most of the other bands. Save maybe two songs by the Holy Shitters. They were kind of ok.

Another bad side? Most of the other people there that weren't Abe or I were about 16.

It's scary. Think of it. When I was seeing bands like Compound and National Guard (bands no one there other than him or I remember, and there's really no reason they should be remembered) those kids were 8.

Quite a few of the kids were probably under 16, too. Which eventually made us feel like fucking pedophiles, so we left.


Being old sucks.

At least no 16 year old kids thought my Arab on Radar t-shirt was like, the name of a Toby Keith song.
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