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I kind of like that Jem song. I'm sure the rest of her songs are shit, but I like it because it's scary sounding.

Tomorrow (or today, rather) I get to go to an AA meeting with my mom. It's not my first or anything, but going with her is going to suck.

Going to meetings in Milwaukie sucks because it's always people in their 50's and 60's.

And despite popular belief, I'm not going to turn into a Christian. Just probably a much better person without horrible stomach pains, booze shakes, dull headaches and slurred speech.

[insert typical "this time I'm quitting for real" typical alcoholic banter]

The three days I spent on the streets and at friends houses without a shower made me realize I really can't be homeless.

Ok, enough late night VH1. I need to sleep. I now like Rockell - In a Dream, too. Ok. Sleep before that "I AM EXTRAORDINARY, IF YOU EVER GET TO KNOW ME" Liz Phair song comes on, gets stuck in my head before bed, and I have horrible nightmares.
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