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As much as I love recording things with my Tascam 4 track cassette recorder, I really need to go digital.

I'm not clever enough to fuck with looping and that kind of crazy shit.

Especially since the 4 Track I have is not the famous bottom of the line Tascam 4 track everyone has owned at one time or another...

It's an even LOWER end model with only one input jack. I didn't think I'd need anything better, because most of my friends have really nice recording equipment, but my friends are impossible to track down to play music with.

Or I'm just lying and I have no friends.

Also I need an actual keyboard or a synth. I love my Yamaha PSR-77 and I planb on buying more oldschool keyboards, but really.

I also want an electric acoustic guitar, an electric acoustic bass, a 1x15 100 watt speaker for my bass amp, a new distortion peddle, one of the nicer multi-effects compressors they have at Guitar Center, a drum machine...

Why can't I be rich?

At least when I was drinking all I wanted to buy was 3 or 4 cheap forties of malt liquor.
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