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I buried what I knew was true, what was left of me and you, and made no secret of it to you

Oh boy. The glories of public transportation...

Yesterday I ran into these punk rock teenage girls who randomly asked if I was gay at the Milwaukie transit center. (the MTC to those in the know).

Confused, I asked "why?".

They said "because you're hot, and the hot guys are always gay".

Weird. But you know, I AM pretty god damned hot. Well, ok, maybe not.

Today, I ran into MANDY in the 'Couver!

I think.

Or someone that looked and sounded exactly like her that randomly said "HEY!" in a surprised/confused voice.

Eff the bus.

Effit hard.

Oh, and I don't ever want to know if or if not it was Mandy. If it was I don't want to know because I never want to see that person again.

If it wasn't it's pretty scary that I didn't recognize someone I fu-er, dated.
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