crushkilldestroy (redelephant) wrote,

Got my eyeglasses ordered today. Soon I will be able to see again.

I have 20/200 vision in both eyes.


Ok, no more of this spending my day off on this beautiful day at doctor's offices and the library.

Time go spend it playing video games and drinking beer!

Well, after I walk the like two or so miles home, that is.

Actually, maybe I will spend the day outdoors.

All I know is I'm hungry as fuck and a Kiva sandwich is sounding really good, but they're probably all sold out by now.

Red Apple is a lot better than Staples, and basically almost every job I've ever had. Which isn't saying much, I know. I might try and save up for a car. Or more beer. Or more videogame systems. Or a trip to Portland.

Someone up there needs to come down here and visit me so we can paint the town grey with the brain matter of my enemies. I promise to make some beforehand.

A guy I barely know just sat down next to me here in the library, this awkwardness has now given me a wonderful oppertunity to leave. After checking out some CD's, anyway.
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