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So, I'm sporting the "Wolverine" facial hair again. Not sported since december of last year.

Exciting, I know.

I'm going to be up in Portland for Christmas again. It should be nice to see the "extended family".

My family gatherings on my mom's side (I only see my dad's side of the family once every few years) are always interesting. Born again Christians, racists, convicts, introverts, extroverts, republicans, democrats, homophobes and homosexuals all under one roof.

This will be the first time my dad meets my mom's boyfriend. They've been together for a few years now, and I guess my mom's boyfriend is buying my dad a CD changer for his truck. Which is a little odd, but my dad burns blues CD's for him, so he's just doing it as a "thank you".

I'm mostly looking forward to seeing my sister and meeting her new boyfriend. Though she's still never met my girlfriend, which is no fault of hers, she's came to visit but Elle was at work.

I miss being closer to my family, even though I never hang out with them when I live in Portland, anyway. But it's nice having the option, I guess.
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