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Weird Dreams No One Cares About...

So, last night I had three seperate dreams about Canada.

Dream #1: I go up to Vancouver, BC for a wild night of binge drinking with Caleb, Joe, Abe and Andrew. The next morning, I got locked out of the hotel. So I get drunk. Big mistake. When I finally come to, I'm in Portland again.

I ask them what happened. I guess I had made out with some girl in a bar, and I kept telling her Blair Witch was the best movie ever. And everyone was pissed at me.

Dream #2: Weirder. I move up there, make new sketchy friends. One of them is this fat skater kid. And he and I both are going to the same apartment complex for different reasons. Anyway, he starts spouting off about how he's going there to beat up some pizza guy. For some reason I go along. He knocks on the door, the pizza boy and his roomate answer.

The fat skater grabs the kid, screams, and smashes his head against a wall. It was gross. There was blood everywhere. I remember being afraid he was dead. His roomate looked at me with the most terrified look in his eyes. So we ran. Then I woke up.

Dream #3: A little less frightening. The best of the 3, actually.

I share an apartment in BC with Dave Foley, Scott Thompson and Kevin McCullough (of Kids in the Hall Fame). So, I'm sitting online talking to my old boss and Cara on ICQ. Then Scott comes home, and we hang out. Then Kevin comes out of his room and starts hanging out. Then Dave comes home from work, and engages in some witty coversation with Scott and I.

We get a phonecall, I don't know who it is, but Dave decides he needs to go on a journey to some weird Mountain. I tag along.

We talk the whole way there, and end up by some river. A bunch of rednecks drive by in a monstertruck. Thank God Dave wasn't in drag.

Caleb Gandy (my friend) then shows up, and we go down in this elevator and look at baby killer whales.


I then woke up.
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