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you don't really wanna fuck with me, the only nigga that I trust is me...

so, much to say! I just returned from my trip with my dad.
First of all, I had a great time. We passed a park that I had done something uh, sexual in (I wasn't alone, I swear!). and my dad informed me that that this was the park we had always gone fishing at when I was a youngster. I wish I could have known that at the time.

And also! we passed these two small hills, that already looked enough like breasts as it was. But someone had put a barrel on top of each of them, as to make them look like nipples! Funny stuff! If anyone wants to know where they are, let me know.
While in a certain shitty Oregon city, we stopped by a Burger King. If you ever want to see the scum of society, go to a small town burger/taco fast food joint. Anyway, the best part is while in Burger King, I notice a very attractive member of the opposite sex.
Upon reaching our planned destination (a mobile home manufacturing plant). I notice the girl is ALSO AT THE SAME PLANT! 150 miles away from where I first saw her. Whack.

I was on acid earlier. Before anyone yells at me, realize this: I haven't done acid in fucking years. I am fairly certain I was experiencing an acid flash back. my third recently.

and I am going to become a rap music artist. anyone got any good name ideas?

I'm done now. Time to go stare at the design on my parent's couch for a solid hour and a half.
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