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Ok, guys.
Where to start...
I just got back from camping.

I shall tell the story on a day by day basis...

day #1
Caleb, Sarah, Joe and Holly and I take off for our long trip to the middle of the lonesom crowded southeast. Upon arriving in "Christmas Valley" (I didn't see anything very christmas-like about it.) When we arrive, we pull onto a dusty road. the car fills with dust. "shut your vents! someone shouts. everyone shuts their vents and proceeds to close their windows. "open the damn windows, the dust is now trapped in here" someone else shouts.
we pull into the camp to the sound of closeby rifle fire. several obvious Limbaugh listeners are firing off their AK-47's. these are our campmates.
caleb, joe and I have a few beers. we go on a bike ride, on the way back, i nearly die of exhaustian.
dinner time. barbequed portabella mushrooms. good shit.
me, caleb, joe and sarah and i pile into the back of caleb's truck, watching the distant lightening, but hearing no sound of the usually proceeding thunder. must have been aways away. so, we finally go join the rest of the group at the campfire. we have a few more beers, and then go to sleep. sober, mind you. joe and i slept alone in the back of caleb's truck, which we lovingly decide to title "the fag shack".

day #2
we awake, eat a little breakfast...
then the gun shooting begins. joe and i are reluctant. caleb goes off and shoots, we are alone. we decide to go on a bike ride. on the way to caleb's trucks, I look back, and look at how much fun Caleb is having "sure, let's go fire a clip off of sarah's dad's nine mm and then go."...It wasn;'t that easy. because shooting is really fucking fun. I shot that for awhille, then a couple 22 pistols. probably shot off about 100 rounds total. then, it is time to go swimming! we wade in for awhile. most people chicken out, Holly goes and jumps off the dock. I decide it looks fun. I go next, then sarah. then finally caleb goes. and joe follows after being offered five dollars to join the fun.
after awhile i come out of the water and get warm. joe starts trying to teach caleb and sarah how to dive, i decide to help. caleb insists I show him. so i do.
then i go out, start to get warm again and holly says "I didn't see it!" so I did it again. then I decided to jump in fifty or sixty more times. one time I decided to try to show off and pull myself up using nothing but my upper body strength. I scraped the fuck out of my chest, but I got up!
When we return, it is camp fire time. this is hell, they listen to some weird assed unhumourous humor tape. I sit there in silence. finally, we go have a couple beers and go to sleep. once again sober.

day #3

We go home. it takes hour. boo.
I bring home 4 out of 12 beers, thus proving beer doesn't always make things more fun.

Oh, and on a side note...poo on people trying to bring me down solely because they want to be the only person that is happy.

pictures soon, i bet you can't wait!
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