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redelephant's Journal

21 April
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1905, 764-hero, a tribe called quest, against me!, agnostic front, american football, arab on radar, archers of loaf, army of darkness, at the drive-in, belly, bis, blood brothers, botch, braid, built to spill, bukowski, buried alive, camping, cap'n jazz, charles bronson, christ on a crutch, chunklet, circle jerks, coalesce, crackerbash, crooked fingers, curl up and die, cursive, da ali g show, de la soul, dead kid shmello, death, death by stereo, death cab for cutie, descendents, dilated peoples, dinosaur jr, discordance axis, discount, divisia, donnie darko, dressy bessy, dri, elliott smith, erasure, evil dead, evil dead 2, explosions in the sky, for stars, fyp, garrison, goatboy, hazel, her space holiday, his hero is gone, hot water music, hum, husker du, i hate myself, i spy, ice cube, iggy and the stooges, indecision, j church, jawbox, jets to brazil, jody bleyle, jonnyx and the groadies, kaia wilson, kill your idols, killthemanwhoquestions, knapsack, law & order, les savy fav, lifetime, live music, milhouse, mineral, minor threat, misfits, mission of burma, murder city devils, national lampoons vacation, new bad things, nirvana, nypd blue, orchid, outkast, owls, pavement, pete krebs, pinback, pinehurst kids, playing bass, powerhouse, quasi, radio birdman, rainer maria, red house painters, rem, roadside monument, roots manuva, samiam, scout's honor, shellac, skate boarding, sleater-kinney, sons of abraham, strife, sunny day real estate, swimming, team dresch, that dog, the crabs, the cure, the faint, the fall of troy, the germs, the grumpies, the helio sequence, the maroons, the mars volta, the pixies, the police, the seattle mariners, the shield, the simpsons, the smiths, the thermals, the velvet teen, trail of dead, trial, tsol, us maple, versus, volcano i'm still excited!